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The Joplin Region is comprised of Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, & Northeast Oklahoma where you'll find seven counties working together to make your business expansion or location successful and profitable. Explore our region and you will find a quality labor force, available buildings and sites, a strong transportation network, competitive state and local incentives, numerous education and training facilities and many other resources available to grow your company.

Lamar, MO    

Lamar/Barton County is located 110 miles south of Kansas City and 30 miles north of Joplin along Interstate 49. Its ideal Central Time Zone location provides you with more time to communicate with both coasts during business hours. Lamar/Barton County is close enough to urban benefits to stay connected, but just far enough away for small town safety, hospitality, and charm.

Lamar and Barton County’s location at the heart of the U.S. means your company has quick access to key markets. I-49 runs north-south through Barton County and east-west Interstate 44 is just 30 miles away creating easy access to markets/ports on both coasts.  Interstate 44 is part of an Interstate corridor running from coast to coast. I-49 is part of an Interstate and Federal highway corridor running from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans or, on the Southwest leg, to Monterrey, Mexico. A network of state and federal highways, along with I-44 and I-49, provide easy and convenient truck access to markets in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma as well as the entire Midwest and North America as a whole. Lamar is home to an expanding Municipal Airport adjacent to a 4-lane highway. The County also excellent rail road access throughout most of the county as well with Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railway, Union Pacific, & Missouri-Northern Arkansas Railway.

Lamar, the County Seat is an Enhanced Enterprise Zone, which gives many benefits to expanding companies and new businesses locating in the area. As a municipal utility, Lamar enjoys what is generally among the top ten least expensive electric rates in the state of Missouri. Cost-effective and city-managed water, sewer, and solid waste management also make for smoother project planning and execution.

Lamar is equipped to empower business development with municipal-based financing for qualified projects. Several state incentives are available as well, based on the nature of the project and the anticipated creation of new jobs.

City of Lamar  

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