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The Joplin Region is comprised of Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, & Northeast Oklahoma where you'll find seven counties working together to make your business expansion or location successful and profitable. Explore our region and you will find a quality labor force, available buildings and sites, a strong transportation network, competitive state and local incentives, numerous education and training facilities and many other resources available to grow your company.

Joplin, MO               

Location: Joplin is located in southwest Missouri, approximately five miles from the Kansas state line, ten miles from Oklahoma and 45 miles from Arkansas. Joplin is near the geographic and population centers of the United States. 

Demographics: The City of Joplin has a population of just over 50,000. The two-county Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of more than 180,000. This gives an overall population of nearly 80,000 in a six-mile radius of the city's center. While the MSA is 180,000, Joplin serves as a hub community for a three-state market region of more than 500,000 people.

Transportation: Joplin is located on Interstate 44 and Interstate 49. These two primary routes are part of a system providing access from coast to coast and Canada to Mexico. Additional state and Federal highways provide easy access to the four-state area of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Rail services are provided by two Class I carriers, the Kansas City Southern and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe. In addition, these lines are interconnected in Joplin with RailAmerica, which provides service throughout southwest Missouri and northeast Arkansas. Commercial air service is provided to the Joplin Regional Airport by American Airlines. The Springfield Regional Airport, Northwest Arkansas Airport and Tulsa International Airport are all within 60 - 90 minutes drive time.

Utilities: Electric service is supplied by locally headquartered Empire District Electric Company. Empire's rates are among the lowest fifteen percent nationally among investor owned utilities. Natural gas is provided by Missouri Gas Energy. MGE connects to several major interstate pipelines in and around Joplin, assuring a stable supply. MGE rates are among the most competitive in the mid-west. Water is supplied by Missouri American Water Company. The company uses both surface water and seven deep wells for its supply. Sewer service is provided by the City of Joplin. Standard rates and surcharges for industry are among the lowest in the mid-west. Telecommunications are anchored by Southwestern Bell. Joplin's central switch has full digital capacity and services. There are more than twenty telecommunications companies with Points of Presence (POPs) in Joplin. In addition, Joplin sits astride six major interstate fiber optic backbones, providing access to high-speed (up to OC-192) digital lines.

Labor Market: The Joplin MSA has a total labor force of approximately 84,000. The market area labor force, in a 45 minute commute time, is a documented 180,000. Wages are competitive compared to both Missouri and the U.S. Typically wages in Joplin are 80%-85% of the U.S. average. While Joplin has a few unions, these are generally with companies that have been in the community since the 1930's and 1940's. Since 1990, there have been only four union votes at manufacturing and food processing plants in Joplin and a total of thirteen in the metro area. Of these thirteen, unions have won only two, none in Joplin.

Incentives: The City of Joplin uses an Enhanced Enterprise Zone, revenue bond capacity, local grants, & real and personal property tax abatement.

City of Joplin             
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